Friday, 15 July 2011

SFD Part 2

Part 2is here!!!

Pyro blinked as the world around him changed; from the entrance hall of Elysium Asylum to a strange, dark room. The walls were coated in metal and a dim lamp hung from the ceiling.

“Umm... Hello?” Pyro groaned as the pain in his back and arms intensified.

His voice echoed round the room which, on closer inspection, had a door set into the wall ahead of Pyro. He groaned again.  

“I suppose I’ll discover who’s leading this whole thing soon.” he said, standing up on quavering legs and brightening the flame on his head, to check the rest of the room. The door creaked and slowly opened. A figure dressed in a black suit and tie with black hair and black eyes walked in.

“My masters will see you now.” He motioned for Pyro to follow him.


Nyx flinched and a coil of shadow curled around the throwing knife and flung it back towards Skyril. It clashed off four finger knives on Skyril’s right hand and fell to the floor. Ignoring the fallen knife, Skyril glared at Nyx, they both ran forwards weapons raised and met at the centre of the room in a flurry of slashing blades and writhing shadows.

Kallista strained against the shadows, their grip loosened and suddenly she was back on her feet with her samurai swords raised. Striding towards Nyx she pushed at the air, batting Nyx’s dagger out of her hand. The shadows attacking Skyril diminished and she sliced through them, moving on towards Nyx.

“I’d better go.” seethed Nyx diving towards her dagger.  Shadows surrounded her and when they disappeared she was gone.


Octaboona raised his eyes from the book he was reading. There seemed to be quite a commotion going on downstairs, he got up and walked down the staircase, past many, many floors before reaching the entrance hall at the ground floor.

“Could somebody please explain what is going...Skyril Oblivion?”

“Yes Octaboona, I survived.”

“Care to explain?” asked Kallista.

“I suppose. Although it’ll take a while. You see, I was with you guys when we were chasing that accursed assassin through the wastelands of the Southern Cliffs.”

“Yes, yes. We know happened, Nyx pushed you over the edge of the Pit of Broken Souls, but how did you escape the pit? And why didn’t you come back sooner?” Kallista asked.

“Well as I was falling, I grabbed two of the daggers I was armed with and slammed them into the rock wall closest to me, the blades sinking into the soft rock in a shower of sparks. My descent began to slow and after what seemed like hours, I eventually stopped all together. I must have fallen a very long way because when I looked down, I saw the very bottom of the pit; jagged and forbidding. On closer inspection, there were many bodies; victims of the pit. I screamed as the horror of it all descended onto me, many, it seems, had walked those few steps too far. I knew I wouldn’t last long in this place so, I grabbed the two daggers and used them, one at a time, like ice picks to climb the long, long way up the side of the pit. By the time I reached the top of the pit, the blades of the daggers were so damaged that they could shatter at any time. I hid, carefully avoiding the pools of moonlight that carpeted the ground. You had all left the wastelands and there was no trace of you to follow back. I stumbled in what I thought was a straight line, hoping to find my way out of there. Eventually I began to see trodden paths and, following them, I made my way back to Ireland. Of course, nothing is ever that simple: as soon as I set foot on Irish soil, I knew in my gut that I was being watched. I turned round and almost crashed into a vampire, poised to strike. I leapt backwards and stumbled into a cocoon of shadow that closed in around me. No air could get through the shadows and eventually I passed out.”

“Understandable, whoever it is we’re fighting probably wanted information from you” came Octaboona’s measured reply.

“Well yes Octa, I thought that at first too, but when I came to I was in a concrete cell with no entrances or exits of any kind. I guessed that I’d been taken there with shadow shifting. Most probably by the necromancer who trapped me in the cocoon. There were bones in the corners of the cell and the smell of decay was heavy in the air. Whoever had captured me wanted me dead. I waited for what seemed like days before anything happened; I heard a muffled thump to my left. It suddenly dawned on me that there must be a complex of cells here rather than only one and that, from the volume of the noise, the walls couldn’t be very thick. I struck the cell wall with one of the knives I had and, after hours of work, finally took out a large chunk of concrete. By this time, the person in the other cell had come to, and was looking with fear at the wall I was coming from.

“Who are you?” The person stammered.

“My name’s Skyril, but all that matters now is that we find a way out of here...”


Wednesday, 1 June 2011

SFD Part 1

Hi all! I'm here to say that I've written my own fanfiction.
There aren't many people in it yet but I'm working on it for part 2.


The wind had picked up, making the trees sway and the clouds swirl. A small light flickered in the distance, moving steadily through forest. On closer inspection the light was actually a person surrounded by fire. The person’s name: Pyro-Dawn.

Pyro slumped down, gasping for breath, at the foot of a great oak tree. He clasped a locket around his neck, before standing up again and continuing his escape. He flinched as branches and thorns slashed at him as he passed, leaving him with more scratches than he could count.
“Great,” Pyro muttered to himself through clenched teeth, “yet another trail for them to follow, I might as well just give myself up!” Of course, this would never actually be an option; vampires didn’t care how they caught their prey, only if they caught it at all. 


Octaboona sighed as he watched the flickering light, pursued by a wave of darkness moving through the distant tree line. “Honestly,” he grumbled, “I’ve fought remnants; I’ve fought zombies; I even helped to banish the Faceless Ones, but this boy! You take your eye off him for a second and he’s got himself into another situation.” Octaboona waved his hand and the wave of blackness dissipated as it was pummelled with bursts of searing hot air. The flickering light shot upwards into the sky followed by a trail of fire and flew in an intricate pattern spelling out ‘Thanks Octa!’
“I give up” groaned Octaboona and he trudged towards the flickering light.
As Octaboona approached him, Pyro noticed rainclouds beginning to gather. He dimmed the flame that flickered from his hair and pulled the tinfoil covered hood of his hoodie over his head.
“You know, of all the natural events of the world, rain just has to be my least favourite” Pyro complained.
“Yes Pyro-Dawn, I do know and I will still know next time it rains, and the time after that, and the time after that.”


“Darn.” muttered Nyx Dawn as she watched the vampires fall; this child was always saved by his teacher, Octaboona, just before her attacks seriously harmed him. He seemed rather good with fire, but had little skill with the other elements. If only she could get rid of him before he posed a threat to her masters, then she could focus on Octaboona himself; an enemy worthy of her talents.
Nyx turned and left the clearing that she had been watching from and disappeared into the shadows.


Back at Elysium Asylum, Pyro ran through the doors and up the flights of stairs, past many windows, paintings and magical artefacts, to his room. He shoved piles of books and papers away from the blue couch in the middle of the room and flopped onto it, grabbing a paper from the stack on the couch. He read through its contents and laid it neatly back on the stack.
There was a knock at the door.
“Come in,” called Pyro, sitting up straight so as not to look messy. The papers were beyond tidying already so Pyro paid them no heed. The door opened and Kallista Pendragon walked into the room, glancing at the neat stack of papers that Pyro had just been reading.
“Octa tells me that you were attacked by a hoard of vampires and I can tell by those papers that he spoke the truth,” reprimanded Kallista. “We’ve told you countless times; stay with Octa!”
“I know what you guys keep telling me. But how can I get better at magic if I never get the chance!” Pyro leapt from the couch, two fireballs clutched in his hands, before dashing through the door and towards the central staircase.
“No! Wait Pyro! Come back!” cried Kallista as Pyro leapt over the railing of the staircase and plummeted down, landing with a resounding ‘THUD’ at the ground floor.
“Pyro?” called Kallista as she rushed down the staircase, “Pyro? Are you alright?”
“No,” came the rather pained reply, “I fell from the seventh floor. Of course I’m not alright!”
“So why did you jump? What was the point of it, and why did you try to leave in the first place?” Kallista enquired, running the last few steps towards Pyro.
“I don’t know why, I just got really mad and I tried to prove myself, once and for all.”
“Well you can explain that to Israel in the medical bay.”
Pyro picked himself up gingerly and began to walk towards the medical bay.

“Not so fast!” came a voice and shadows rose up around Pyro, locking his arms and legs to the floor.
 “Show yourself!” yelled Kallista, suddenly holding two samurai swords.
The shadows in the far right of the entrance hall swirled and writhed forming a silhouette. The silhouette became solid and Nyx Dawn was there, glaring at Kallista and Pyro.
“Nyx!” spat Kallista, “I should have guessed.”
“Of course you should,” snarled Nyx, “But why does it not surprise me that you didn’t?”
“You’ll regret saying that Miss Dawn.”
Kallista lunged with her swords, spinning and kicking the air, battering Nyx against the walls. Nyx’s eyes flashed black and she grabbed hold of her jewelled dagger, shadows pouring from it and whipping at Kallista. As they advanced, Kallista went into a flurry of slicing blades; the shadows were sliced and diced, falling to the ground. But even as Kallista fought, she knew that she could never beat the limitless shadows that surrounded her. The shadows latched around her wrists, then tripped her, sending her falling to the ground. Gasping for breath, Kallista looked daggers at Nyx, who grinned evilly.
The ground rumbled and the shadows around Pyro formed a hole in the ground which Pyro fell through. The hole abruptly closed.

“Let. Her. Go!”       
Nyx ground her teeth. “What an unpleasant surprise.” she spat.
“Likewise.” murmured the voice.
Its owner stepped from the cover of a marble pillar.
“Skyril!” gasped Kallista, “But I thought you were-”
  “Dead? Yes that’s right, I died didn’t I?”
A throwing knife appeared next to Nyx’s head.
“Now let her GO!”